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So, what does “Live Beyond” mean, exactly?

We’ll get to that…but first, an introduction!

Hello, World!  

Welcome to my very first official web presence as a Certified Life Coach.  Yes, I am one of those…it seems that “Life Coach” is a trendy term these days that gets thrown out by people who read a few books, take an online course or two and fancy themselves good at giving advice.

Let me be the first to admit here, however, that I, too, took an online course to get this certification, but I didn’t do it to be trendy.  I have wanted this “title,” since I first heard it.  And studying online seemed to be the best way to go about earning it, as I am a full-time mother (who will be homeschooling this fall) and am always in the midst of one too many time consuming projects.  (What can I say?  It keeps me out of trouble!)

Long-story-short, I recently earned my certification…like, very recently.

Two days ago to be exact…

…and I wanted to act on this and make my web presence known just as soon as I had a moment that could be devoted to blogging and blatant “self promotion.”  I also needed to come up with a name for my Life Coaching services, and have spent the last 48 hours mulling over various ideas, with “Live Beyond” always remaining in the lead.

I liked it because it could be used as the start to SO MANY different ideas…Live Beyond your limits, your fears, your dreams, etc., etc.  It just seemed to work for me, so, voila!  Here it is!  And here I am.  And as a Life Coach, here are some areas in which I feel qualified to help others:

~ Spirituality – This is a BIG one for me.  It seems that since I was a very young girl, friends have come to me for spiritual guidance.  I have been studying matters of spirituality since I was a child, and as a little girl, could see auras.  I just thought that’s how life looked.  It wasn’t until I was older, and lost the ability to see auras, that I realized how special that was.
As an adult, I have worked extensively on my own spiritual gifts which makes the act of helping others with theirs, much easier.  (Obviously.)
In addition, I am a Reiki practitioner and Angel Light healer and “specialize” in Chakra work, and…auras!  Of course.  🙂

~ Maternity  and Family Planning – One of my biggest passions is childbirth education.  When I was expecting my second child in 2007, my husband and I took a HypnoBirthing® class.  It was life changing.  My daughter was born under the most amazing conditions, with four midwives in attendance, belly dance music playing in the background, and absolutely zero medical intervention or medications.
After that, I knew that I needed to become a HypnoBirthing® educator.  When my daughter was just four months old, I took my training and earned my certification.  My work as  HypnoBirthing® Certified Educator inspired me to take further training in doula work and in clinical hypnosis.  As a Life Coach I love the idea of assisting parents with their birth plans, as well as helping families transition from their current situations to having one more family member “along for the ride.”

~ Girl Power – Every lady has an inner Sex-Kitten that is dying to get out.  (Oh, yes I went there!)  I have MANY, many reasons as to why this subject is important to me…and I will get into them at a later date…until then, consider me your Sex-Kitten coach and get ready to unleash your inner Goddess!

So, there it is, for now.  My debut as one of those trendy Life Coaches…I’m the girl who will read your aura, help you when you are pregnant, and help you connect with your inner Porn Star.


And of course, there is more to me than that.  But this is a blog, which means that there is always, more to come…

Blessings and welcome!

On 5/3/13 I changed the name of this blog from “Live Beyond with Layla Beth” to, simply, Akashic Inspirations.  I feel that at this time, it better suits the overall theme of all I am trying to convey.


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