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Let Love In!

Let Love In!

Glitch at Fiverr.Com = $5.00 readings HERE!

Today I logged in to add a few more services (or “gigs” as they are called) to my Fiverr.Com account, only to learn that my account is one of many affected by some kind of weird glitch that is preventing me from uploading photos and therefore, adding new gigs.  The majority of services offered at Fiverr are, (obviously) only $5.00.

I have been getting A LOT of business at Fiverr, and gratefully, I want to keep that rolling in!  But since I cannot create the new  offerings for my Fiverr page at this time, I have decided to offer them here.  ALL for the same value – 5$.

This will be a LIMITED TIME offering (until Fiverr fixes this glitch) but until then, these specialty readings will be offered here, via my PayPal account.

Reading # 1:  2-Card Romance Angels Spread ~
Want to find True Love?  Want to know where your current relationship is going?  Allow your Angels to help you find your way!  I will throw a 2-card Romance Angels spread and offer corresponding advice to help you through any roadblock you might be experiencing.  YOU DESERVE LOVE.  Let me help you find it!


To receive your $5.00 reading ~ Message me at with “Romance Angels Reading” in the subject line.  Include your name – first name only is fine – and feel free to add any other info that is relevant to your situation.  (Are you in a relationship?  Are you hoping to find love?  Etc.)  After I receive your message, you can send your $5.00 offering via PayPal (you need not have an account to use PayPal.)  You will use the address “” to make your payment.  Once payment is confirmed, I will send your reading, photo(s) included, within THREE DAYS.  (Add $1.00 for 24 hour priority delivery.)  

Reading # 2:  Messages From Your Departed Loved One Spread ~
Using Doreen Virtue’s “Messages From Your Angels” Oracle cards, I will throw a specialty spread detailing any messages from the angelic realm from, or about a departed loved one.  (Note: THIS is my favorite deck of Oracle cards!  I have only had positive feedback from readings from these cards!)


To receive your $5.00 reading ~ Message me at with “Departed Loved Ones Reading” in the subject line.  Include your name – first name only is fine – and feel free to add any other info that is relevant to your situation.  In readings like this one though, the less I actually know, the better!  After I receive your message, you can send your $5.00 offering via PayPal (you need not have an account to use PayPal.)  You will use the address “” to make your payment.  Once payment is confirmed, I will send your reading, photo(s) included, within THREE DAYS.  (Add $1.00 for 24 hour priority delivery.)  

Of course, my existing gigs over at Fiverr, and my regular services, as offered here, are still available, as well.  Providing readings is one of the many ways I make my living and provide for my family.  I operate in a 100% professional matter and take this work VERY seriously.   Reviews of my work can be found HERE.

Thank you for your interest, and I hope those reading this are having a wonderful holiday season!

Just FYI:  The following are also pages that I LOVE and have personally worked with, at Fiverr ~  <—BEST READING I HAVE EVER PERSONALLY RECEIVED!  Separate blog about that experience, coming!  🙂

The Path of the Empath ~ Vol. 4

The Empathic Doula 

I am a birth worker by trade, having studied postpartum doula work, and childbirth education, over the last seven years.  I knew I wanted to be involved in the birth world after I had my first child, though, thirteen years earlier.  The nurses that attended to me during my fifteen hour labor were an inspiration to me, and provided much comfort to a scared, 19 year old first time mom.  Back in those days, I had never even heard of a “doula” and thought midwives were a thing of the past.

(Just FYI, “Doula” literally translates to ‘a woman’s servant.’)

Fast forward many years, past a picture perfect pregnancy, and an awesome totally med-free eight hour labor with my second child, I knew that the birth world was the place for me.  I studied to become a certified HypnoBirthing® educator, later on studying to become a postpartum doula.  Most recently, I am studying to become a labor and birth doula.

Last night, as I plugged away at the chapter about the doula in the delivery room, I found myself having to stop and wipe tears from my eyes, as I read about how doulas attend the birthing mom during the various phases of labor.  The chapter spoke a lot about the emotions of the birthing mother, which are a huge component in not only pregnancy, but birth.  (And of course, thereafter.)

I had to laugh a little to myself, wondering just how I am going to hold myself together in the actual birth setting, if getting through the compulsory education part of being a doula is THAT emotionally inspiring.

I guess when I introduce myself to potential clients, I’ll have to say “Hi!  I’m Layla and thank you for considering me to be your doula…oh, and by the way, I’m an empath…this box of kleenexes here, is for me.


Picture 1

Crystals and Detoxification

We all know crystals aren’t just for looks.  Heck, we learned that way back when we were little kids and discovered that crystals were used in watchmaking and design.  Then as teenagers, we learned crystals were great amplifiers as they were used in the speakers in our boom boxes.

Going beyond those things, however, crystals have been used in healing for eons.  Many different spiritual paths utilize crystals in ritual and healing work.  Of course, crystal therapy is many times dismissed as pseudo-science, but if you’re regularly reading this blog, you’ll most likely find yourself dismissing (or embracing, hopefully) more than a post on crystals.

If you accept the possibility of using crystals as a healing modality, then keep reading!

I have long since loved using crystals…as a bona fide earth sign I have always been drawn to rocks and fossils.  One of my most prized possessions as a child was a cross section of a dinosaur bone.  I have always resonated with various stones and rocks, particularly those of volcanic origin, such as pumice and obsidian.

Being the rock enthusiast that I am, I immediately fell in TOTAL love with a shop here in Austin called “Nature’s Treasures” from the moment I crossed their threshold.  They have crystals, shells, gems, stones, and relics of all shapes and sizes.  They have a magnificent white crystal bench (that weighs more than my entire family combined, I am sure) for sale, that costs as much as a new car.

The shop is located right off a busy freeway, and you can barely hear yourself think outside of the business…but when you actually pass through the doors, it’s a whole other world!  It’s peaceful, quiet, calming and healing, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.  A sensitive person can feel the energetic vibrations of the various stones, with ease.  If a person is having a bad day, an easy way to immediately shift your vibrations would be to visit such a store!

I’ve had the wonderfully good fortune to have spent a LOT of time in this store, lately, with immediate plans to be there even more as an in-store reader, with dates scheduled throughout the rest of the year!  However, the last two times I was in there, I could not understand why I felt myself becoming flushed and damp with perspiration.

Actually, to be perfectly blunt, I was sweating like a dude.  

I would have chalked it up to hormones or even just plain ol’ excitement if it hadn’t happened both times.  And upon further inspection of my other “symptoms” I started to wonder if perhaps my body wasn’t simply responding to the powerful crystal energies by rapidly detoxing?

I’m a pretty healthy person, but Austin-area allergies have been the bane of my existence lately, and instead of being smart and going the homeopathic route, I have been opting for instant (albeit temporary) relief in the form of OTC allergy pills.  It’s true that these types of pills can be highly toxic to our bodies, if overused.  There have been a few other things I have done that haven’t been the healthiest of choices, lately – wheat consumption, poor water intake, zero to no organic vegetable juice –  that have left me feeling acidic and toxic.  Intuitively, I knew that these crystals were quite literally, kick-starting my body’s own detox process.  Unfortunately, that process was resulting in uncomfortable amounts of sweat!

I came home (dried off) and started searching online for articles on crystals and detoxing, and they are certainly out there!  It makes absolute sense that crystals and their amazing healing powers could detoxify, but I didn’t realize how fast and effective it could be.  Of course, the building that I was in was filled in every nook and cranny with crystals, and there is definitely strength in numbers!

Of course, this is also a good reason for a person to CLEANSE their own crystals regularly, even if you are not the kind of person who uses crystals for healing.  (If you so much as have them placed around your living quarters for decorative purposes, they are still absorbing and working with the energies of ALL the people/animals that come into your home!)

If you work with crystals or plan to start, you can experiment and come up with a way that works best for you with regard to cleansing (and charging) your crystals.  If you have no idea where to start, HERE  is a great article on how to cleanse your crystals.  Many people like to cleanse their crystals during particular phases of the moon, such as a new or full moon, but that is not necessary.  Interacting regularly with your crystals will attune them to your personal energies, and your intention to cleanse them when needed, will be well received by their vibrations.

If you are still unconvinced of the amazing power of crystals, simply search YouTube for videos of Singing Crystal Bowls.  Having played crystal bowls on several occasions, I can honestly vouch for how peaceful and grounded you will feel, afterward.  And it’s not just the gorgeous sound they produce, it’s also their effective healing abilities.

To sum up, crystals are beautiful medicine.


My visit with Suzanne Camin, Psychic Medium

I set up shop at a healing arts fair over this last weekend, and had the good fortune of being seated next to Suzanne Camin, a professional psychic and medium.  As the day pressed on, we wound up swapping services – I threw a 3-card Angel Tarot spread for her, and she gave me a reading.

Needless to say, I was blown away.

I won’t go into all the details, but let me just say that many of the things she told me explained a lot…feelings about certain things, hunches, and even past-life memories.

I have recently come to know that Mary, Mother of Jesus, has been with me for sometime, and Suzanne confirmed that.  She also mentioned something that I had never suspected, but made a tremendous amount of sense to me: I possess the energy of  Mary Magdalene, as well.

The reading was uplifting and energizing.  My daughter also took right to Suzanne, which means a lot, as she is quite standoffish with those she doesn’t trust.  (Suzanne provided some insight as to why.)

Suzanne is personable and has an advanced sense of humor!  I really enjoyed sitting next to her, and am grateful to the Universe that I met her and was able to glean such information from her and her nearly 30 years of experience.

For those in the Austin, Texas area, I highly recommending setting up an appointment with her.  If you are not nearby but are interested, I would definitely contact her to see if she can provide a reading for you via distance.  She can be found on both FaceBook and Meet-Up.


The Path of the Empath ~ Vol. 3

This post is intended for those that are in relationship with Empaths.  Being in a relationship with an empathic person will require you to understand a few things about why Empaths do the things they do.

“Empaths and funerals.”

Do not be surprised if an Empath is resistant to attending a funeral or memorial service.  The overwhelming energy of the mourners might prove to be more than an Empath can take.  Of course, many Empaths have learned, over time, how to deal with their emotions, and therefore can and do attend funerals when called to do so.  However, it’s not always an easy task for an Empath to prepare for a funeral, even if s/he says that they are “alright with” going to the event.

To prepare for a funeral or other emotional event, the Empath might spend time focusing or grounding themselves.  This may include putting up emotional walls or seeking solitude in the time preceding and following the event.

Following the service, some time for “decompression” might be in order.

Please don’t misunderstand.  Funerals and the likes are seldom easy for ANYONE.  I am not attempting to say that Empaths deserve better treatment than others.  I am however, simply attempting to shed some light on what might be going on behind the scenes if you ever find yourself attending a potentially emotional event with an empathic person, or if you, yourself, are one and have never been able to put your finger on why you might be feeling the way you do.  

I was prompted to write this after I recently attended the viewing/visitation of a friend of my husband’s family.  I had never met the man and felt particularly awkward around his bereaved friends and family. While that’s probably to be expected – that awkward feeling of being around emotionally vulnerable strangers – I was feeling something else that I was having a hard to time coming to terms with.  The unbearable urge to crack a joke was welling up inside of me, as that’s what I tend to do at moments of emotional instability.  I knew that wouldn’t be entirely appropriate as I did NOT know any of the people in attendance, aside from my husband’s family. I felt scattered and almost dizzy, as I sat there quietly, wishing I could just fade into the walls.

My husband invited me up to view the departed man in his casket and I had to politely decline.  It was then, that I knew what was eating at me.

I didn’t know this man.  I didn’t know his family or friends.  But they were missing him.  Their tears stung my heart and I knew if I saw him, my body would start weeping with them.  This might not be easily accepted by these people who had never laid eyes on me in their lives – this strange woman, who didn’t even know the deceased, standing there, crying.  It could have been interpreted as inappropriate, or even as an attention-seeking ploy.  It may have been okay if I had been surrounded by other Empaths, but this group of people was a conservative group, where there is tradition and ritual ever-present at these types of events.  I have never been one to force my beliefs or my more liberal way of life on others, and a visitation is not the time nor place for that sort of behavior, anyway.   It was not the right time for a lesson on Empaths – we were there to pay respects to a man who no longer occupies a physical body.

My crying and grieving with others goes back as far as I can remember.  Tears and grief are contagious to me.  And letting my guard down to let those tears spill when it’s someone I actually know, is socially acceptable.  To someone I don’t, though – it might be damaging, and I refuse to cause the grieving more grief.

It was best for me, at this viewing, to simply sit quietly, with my wall up, hoping others would just think that I was shy around all of these strangers, rather than on the brink of awkwardly shedding tears for someone whom I had never met.

If you or someone you know and love is an Empath, the walls they put up are not just to protect themselves, they are also to protect others.  Many times when a person puts up a wall, particularly when this person is an Empath, they shouldn’t be urged to immediately take down that wall.  With lots of love and support from those around them, the Empath will take the walls down when they feel emotionally safe enough to do so.

Picture 14

A Reading, Simplified

Today I did a reading for my daughter.

My daughter is five.

She had just woken up for the day and was sitting beside me, on my floor as I threw some cards for the other readings I had scheduled for the day.

She asked me if I would do one for her, how could I refuse?

I selected Doreen Virtue’s “Saints & Angels” Oracle Cards, and selected the 3-card spread.

The results were SO specific, and well, “cute,” for lack of a better term, that I knew a blog was in order.

In her “past” position, (the first card on the left) we drew “Sleep.”  (A pretty, sleeping angel is shown on the card.)

She had just gotten up moments earlier, and was still in her little Monster High night shirt, sleepily rubbing her eyes.  (Yeah, we like Monster High.)

In her “present” position, (the middle card) we got “Mother.”

This card was depicted as Mary, Mother of Jesus, but at that present moment, my own little angel was with ME – her mother!

In her “future” position, she got “Animals,” as depicted by St. Francis Assisi.

Her first chore of the day is typically to feed the dog.

I realize that this reading was very “basic” but this is truly how simple and easy readings really ought to be.  It wasn’t anything overly illuminating, nor any crazy discoveries, made.

It was simply a nice way to start the day with my little one, and a fun reminder to her that the dog was waiting patiently for breakfast.