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A Reading, Simplified

Today I did a reading for my daughter.

My daughter is five.

She had just woken up for the day and was sitting beside me, on my floor as I threw some cards for the other readings I had scheduled for the day.

She asked me if I would do one for her, how could I refuse?

I selected Doreen Virtue’s “Saints & Angels” Oracle Cards, and selected the 3-card spread.

The results were SO specific, and well, “cute,” for lack of a better term, that I knew a blog was in order.

In her “past” position, (the first card on the left) we drew “Sleep.”  (A pretty, sleeping angel is shown on the card.)

She had just gotten up moments earlier, and was still in her little Monster High night shirt, sleepily rubbing her eyes.  (Yeah, we like Monster High.)

In her “present” position, (the middle card) we got “Mother.”

This card was depicted as Mary, Mother of Jesus, but at that present moment, my own little angel was with ME – her mother!

In her “future” position, she got “Animals,” as depicted by St. Francis Assisi.

Her first chore of the day is typically to feed the dog.

I realize that this reading was very “basic” but this is truly how simple and easy readings really ought to be.  It wasn’t anything overly illuminating, nor any crazy discoveries, made.

It was simply a nice way to start the day with my little one, and a fun reminder to her that the dog was waiting patiently for breakfast.



More Info on Readings and Other Services…

For those interested in purchasing readings/services from me, but don’t have a lot of cash to spend, check me out at Fiverr.Com!  I offer a handful of services, all for the bargain price of $5.00, each!

THIS link will take you directly to my page.

These are all FULL services, not samples or scaled down versions of regular services.  I put as much effort into $5.00 sessions as I do $50.00 sessions.

Still unsure?  Here are some reviews from past readings, both via my Fiverr account and direct readings:

From Ingrid.
Usually I feel a little creepy and dark after tarot…this made me feel uplifted.

From Misty S.
A few days ago I had the opportunity of being read by Layla. We’re on each others facebook and I saw that she was offering some services. I approached her and asked her to give me the reading of her preference. Once she selected Tarot, I picked the kind of deck I wanted her to use – I picked traditional cards for anyone that cares.

Anyway, once I knew she was preparing, I really tried to center my energy and tried to exude a radiant field that she would be able to pick up on. And I believe that happened pretty successfully when it came to the cards that she was drawn to. I knew some things that I wanted some insight on, so I focused on those things as well as the general mood of the present time in my life. When she gave me her report, the meaning & position of the cards definitely resounded with things I could relate to. Long story short, when she interpreted the past, present, and future cards, it was as if the only things she was missing were the specific things that only I knew – she was able to give me input on things that spanned over my lifetime (as well as how I perceive my future) that were obviously very specific to me without even knowing exactly how.

I very much like being read with Tarot cards, and this was probably the best of the half dozen or so times in my life as far as specificity. Plus, it was definitely at a time when I really needed to be reminded that my mind was, in fact, in the right place and that I was moving forward at the right pace. I see Tarot and things of this nature to be another variation of horoscopes, etc. – only when you ask an experienced person to help you, it makes it so much more fun and personalized. This was definitely not a waste of time, and I highly recommend Layla personally.

From Julia R.
“Layla’s intuitive gifts are keen and right on the money! Her ability to get in touch with the essence of the person and situation at hand make her the perfect medium! As a returning client, I’ve benefited from fear releases, life coaching, and card reading immensely. My last card reading was exactly what I needed. She explained to me where I was in my life, when I myself, didn’t have the words for it yet. By her helping me to understand my feelings and the card spread, I understood what I needed to do to resolve an issue, that I didn’t even know I was carrying. It was amazingly accurate but most of all healing!”

From Shelly A.
I had an amazing Angel Tarot reading with Layla, and I look forward to more. I highly recommend her!

From John G. (“Karma Cleanse” at Fiverr)
Highly recommended. I appreciated all the insight.”

If you are unable to pay, but still believe that you would benefit from a reading, don’t fret!  I will be holding a drawing for one F R E E monthly reading for regular readers of this blog.  Simply email me at laylabeth@thezenmother.com for more details and to be entered.


Pick A Card, Any Card!

As you may already know, I recently became a Certified Angel Card Reader, by way of Doreen Virtue‘s Angel Card Reader program.  Prior to my certification, I had become quite the devotee of Doreen’s Messages From Your Angels Oracle Cards.  Over the last year-and-a-half of using this 44-card deck quite faithfully, I jumped at the chance to attend one of Doreen’s in-person certification classes!

While this class focused on her “standard” 78-deck Angel Tarot Cards, she touched on numerous other decks, including my beloved Messages From Your Angels deck.  She even covered how a reader can provide one reading, with several sets of cards, including oracle cards!  I don’t know why, but that took the “sting” out of any lingering fear of Tarot I may have been holding on to.

Now, LET me back up a minute:  That “fear” I speak of was not, at all, based on anything religious.  I never thought Tarot was evil, in spite of hearing as much, as a small girl.  I had dabbled with Tarot over many years, but always got frustrated with it.  I just wasn’t any good at it!  It was simply too complicated.

Still, though, Tarot wanted into my life!  I have procured two decks of classic Tarot cards in my life, and both found their ways into my world under charmed circumstances.  Both times, I just KNEW I’d learn Tarot, once and for all, and both times after a few days or weeks of keeping Tarot on the back burner in my brain, I walked away from the cards, yet again.
(I will say, however, that the times I was committed enough to conduct an actual REAL reading for myself, dedicated to a REAL question, I got prompt and accurate guidance.)  I simply walked away because Tarot was just too intimidating…or so I thought.

Enter Ms. Virtue’s Angel oracle cards…my whole attitude towards card reading shifted dramatically.  The methods for reading seemed less “strict” and not “scary” at all.  (Swords?  Towers?  The HANGED MAN!?”)  I got pretty darn good with these cards and even did readings for friends.  The messages were always compassionate and accurate.  I was hooked!  It’s true that these were “just” Oracle cards…maybe I needed to drop my Tarot-Guard and try the real deal, yet again?

Long-story-short, upon first touch of the Angel Tarot, I was in love!  The cards felt safe, and I loved how Doreen and co-creator, Tarot genius, Radleigh Valentine echoed my previous thoughts about Tarot.  This was the full deck, yet every bit as compassionate and loving as the Angel oracle cards.  I immediately opened my heart to the divine energy of Tarot and, in the course of that class, became 100% unafraid.  I embraced my ability to learn and read Tarot, and haven’t looked back since!

To celebrate this new addition to my Holistic/Spiritual Life Coaching business, I am offering some introductory reading specials!  Some more experienced readers charge hundreds of dollars an hour!  I realize that most people do not have hundreds of dollars lying around, just begging to be given to the next Tarot card reader that passes by, so I am offering services for a much more reasonable price:

3-card Angel Tarot Spread with “Bonus” Angel message reading ~ Results carefully explained and emailed to you.  Text message with photograph of your spread included!   A Distance Energy Healing session will be conducted as I perform the reading, if desired, as well.  Introductory price: $20.00 donation. 

Traditional Celtic Cross Spread with 3-card Messages From Your Angels Spread ~ Results carefully explained and emailed to you.  Text message with photograph of your spread included!   A Distance Energy Healing session will be conducted as I perform the reading, if desired, as well.  Introductory price: $30.00 donation.

Reading results will also include any intuitive visions/thoughts that come to me during your reading…

Payments can be made via PayPal to Princesslayla12345@yahoo.com – Please contact me FIRST, with your specific question at laylabeth@thezenmother.com – once I confirm receipt of your question, you will then be prompted to go forward with your donation.  Once I receive your donation, I will proceed with your reading.  You will have your results ASAP!  By inviting me to conduct a reading for you, you are acknowledging that card readings are “for entertainment purposes only” and that no refunds will be given.  That said, I take spiritual matters VERY seriously, and Tarot is simply another medium for spiritual guidance.  As a Life Coach and Ordained Minister, you might say Spiritual Guidance is kinda my job.  🙂

Soon, I will be offering additional Tarot / Numerology packages via my Etsy store!  (Coming soon!)  And the prices WILL go up…eventually.  I will update this blog when these prices are no longer valid.  For now, this price point and these offerings feel right to me.  Thank you, and blessings for allowing me to be a part of this journey, with you.

Picture 12

Angelic healing: My story

A little back story first…

Just over a year ago, a very dear friend of mine – someone who I “met,” in this life on MySpace, but have known many lives over – shared her gift of Angel Light healing with me.  She mentored me for a few weeks before actually attuning me to the modality, (a little bit different than typical Reiki and Reiki-style attunements) as I burned a white candle and spoke with her over the phone, from my California bedroom where I could literally hear the ocean through the walls.

As we all know, “life happens”  and a few weeks later, my family and I moved from our humble California beach bungalow, to a palatial home in San Antonio, Texas.  My husband and I had every intention of carrying on with our healthy and spiritual lifestyles once we were settled, and for a while, we did!  Some great things happened for us in San Antonio…he achieved a very well-respected certification in the health and fitness industry, and I became Yoga certified–something I had wanted for a long time.  (I also finished up my Clinical Hypnosis and Life Coaching training and certifications.)  We both got jobs at the gym we had been working out at, and things seemed to be going okay, in spite of us all desperately missing the ocean.  Our daughter became involved in ballet, and we were able to get to know one of my husband’s aunts.  Things seemed to be stable…

…it wasn’t long, however, before it became painfully obvious that, in spite of our jobs in the health and fitness industry, we really did NOT “fit in” here.  We are earthy, free-spirited, tribal minded people who support human liberties, extended breastfeeding, no (or delayed/selective) vaccinations…we’re opposed to big government, big pharma, big corporations, “The Man,” and the likes.  I am a “veganesque” vegetarian, my husband is a pescatarian, and our daughter, who WILL eat “some” meat, will let you know, however, that she very much opposes eating “dead animals.”  At four years old, she is opposed, also to leather clothing and furniture.

Long-story-short, trying to fit these square pegs in round holes took its toll on us, and our marriage began to suffer.  Our health deteriorated.  We slipped away from the few things that truly meant something to us, and basically barricaded ourselves in this large Texas mansion, and vowed to find a way to make it back to “our tribe.”  It was during this time that my Angels began to call to me – I was even visited by one.  (See here for that particular story.)

They imparted to me the almost desperate desire to know more.  So, I started reading all I could about angels and different styles of angel healing and therapies.  I knew that this shouldn’t be a difficult task for me, not only as an official “Angel Light” (Thanks to Isla‘s attunement) but also as someone, who as a CHILD spoke incessantly about angels and have been blessed with some amazing spiritual gifts.

Most recently, after doing angel readings for myself and my daughter, I found out some very shocking, (and relevant, yet not surprising) facts about who my particular guardians are, and who hers are.

After the readings, something very amazing happened in our home…my husband and I “jokingly” refer to our daughter as “Fire Starter” for her astounding abilities to manifest, almost instantly, things she wants.  We also learned a while back that she is more than likely a full-on Crystal Child, and we suspected Clairvoyant and Telepathic abilities.  Since we started working with our angels, her abilities have become even more obvious.  We fully believe this is her spiritual gift, and we intend to foster it.

I won’t say that ALL is perfect in our home right now.  We are still, very much, unhappy with our current location, but are working faithfully on our spirituality, and marriage.  I am pleased to say, that we have indeed, rekindled the flame that drew us together in the first place, and that we have also started counseling with Sunyata Satchitananda, an amazing healer, himself.

Whenever I start to feel doubt, or concern, or apprehension…I now know, that I am not alone, no matter how alone I might feel.  My angels have always been with me, and always will be.  YOURS are, too.

For those interested, I would be happy to help YOU connect with YOUR angels, as well.  I can also offer Angel Healing sessions, either in person, or via distance.  Please email me at: laylabeth@thezenmother.com for more information.  Your angels are there, waiting to connect with you.  All you have to do is be open to them.