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My visit with Suzanne Camin, Psychic Medium

I set up shop at a healing arts fair over this last weekend, and had the good fortune of being seated next to Suzanne Camin, a professional psychic and medium.  As the day pressed on, we wound up swapping services – I threw a 3-card Angel Tarot spread for her, and she gave me a reading.

Needless to say, I was blown away.

I won’t go into all the details, but let me just say that many of the things she told me explained a lot…feelings about certain things, hunches, and even past-life memories.

I have recently come to know that Mary, Mother of Jesus, has been with me for sometime, and Suzanne confirmed that.  She also mentioned something that I had never suspected, but made a tremendous amount of sense to me: I possess the energy of  Mary Magdalene, as well.

The reading was uplifting and energizing.  My daughter also took right to Suzanne, which means a lot, as she is quite standoffish with those she doesn’t trust.  (Suzanne provided some insight as to why.)

Suzanne is personable and has an advanced sense of humor!  I really enjoyed sitting next to her, and am grateful to the Universe that I met her and was able to glean such information from her and her nearly 30 years of experience.

For those in the Austin, Texas area, I highly recommending setting up an appointment with her.  If you are not nearby but are interested, I would definitely contact her to see if she can provide a reading for you via distance.  She can be found on both FaceBook and Meet-Up.