To Receive An Angel Card Reading

There are several pathways you can take to receive a personalized reading.  (Following this blog, my Twitter or my FB  pages are also good ways to stay updated.)  And yes, I do the majority of my readings from a distance!  (The following is my NEWEST FB page dedicated to offering readings, hypnosis and life coaching sessions.  Feel free to LIKE and SHARE!  —>right here<—)

When requesting your reading, you may request a “general” reading, or you may ask a specific question.  In all truthfulness, the less I know about your situation, the better, so try to be somewhat vague when proceeding with a question.  Many find that general readings resonate with what they had intended to ask, in the first place.

Below are options for readings and payment info:

Option # 1:

3-card Angel Tarot Spread with “Bonus” Angel message reading ~ Results carefully explained and emailed to you.  Text message/inbox with photograph of your spread included!   A Distance Energy Healing session will be conducted as I perform the reading, if desired, as well.  Introductory price: $20.00 donation. 

Traditional Celtic Cross Spread with 3-card Messages From Your Angels Spread ~ Results carefully explained and emailed to you.  Text message/inbox with photograph of your spread included!   A Distance Energy Healing session will be conducted as I perform the reading, if desired, as well.  Introductory price: $35.00 donation.

Reading results will also include any intuitive visions/thoughts that come to me during your reading…

Payments can be made via PayPal to – Please contact me FIRST, with your specific question at – once I confirm receipt of your question, you will then be prompted to go forward with your donation.  Once I receive your donation, I will proceed with your reading.  You will have your results ASAP!  By inviting me to conduct a reading for you, you are acknowledging that card readings are “for entertainment purposes only” and that no refunds will be given.   That said, I take spiritual matters VERY seriously, and Tarot is simply another medium for spiritual guidance. (Orders will be delivered within THREE days – Add $10.00 for 24 hour priority delivery.)

Option #2:

See: – I offer several services for the bargain price of $5.00 via this link! There are also many other services offered on the Fiverr website too.  Have a peek!

Option #3:

I will be holding a drawing for one F R E E monthly reading for regular readers of this blog.  Simply email me at for more details and to be entered.  Your comments and readership are much appreciated.  (As of August 2017, we are not holding drawings due to lack of participation.  When more folks want to play along, I’ll bring them back!)

Option # 4:

Details here –>

Many blessings and lots of love!  I look forward to reading for you!  Also, feedback is always welcome!  If you’d like to write to me with a few words about your experience, I’d be honored!  Most reviews will be featured here, on my blog.




6 thoughts on “To Receive An Angel Card Reading

  1. What can I not say about my reading. It was something that I wanted to do for such a long time and I am so happy I finally went and did it. I’ve had a lot of things happen in my life, lots of changes and things I wasn’t exactly sure if I was going down the right path. But I can promise you that after my reading, I am nothing but smiles. I feel so great about the path I am traveling and where I am going in life. My read just gave me that pat on the back I needed to know things were going to be alright. It was dead on about where I’ve been, where I am and where I am going. Just purely amazing. I can not say enough great things about it. And She is amazing at what she does. It truly was a grand experience.

  2. Thank you, Renee! 🙂

    Renee was a double-first, for me! The FIRST winner of my F R E E monthly drawing, and the FIRST spread I threw using The Housewives Tarot! (Fun!) Thanks, Renee! And thank you for such an awesome review! Big hugs!

  3. Layla helped me get re-centered. I was having very extreme and emotionally difficult dreams that I simply couldn’t shake. My normal methods for dealing with vivid dreams simply were not helping so I sought out a different path which led me here. Layla was so on point with what my dreams interpreted in real life and what I was going through emotionally. She helped make sense of all of it and gave me peace of mind. She also went further with giving me ideas on how to deal with them in the future which I’m grateful for because most won’t help you past the reading so they can just keep taking your money but Layla truly is there to help and gives you the knowledge to help yourself and I very much respect that. I’ll definitely be back in the future for whatever readings will be required because I trust her. Thank you again!

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